If you do a house cleaning and then only ask for remodeling, it seems to be inside, but there seem to be various shapes even if it says renovation.
For example, by changing the interior, there seems to be a case where you ask for a substantial renovation work in the living room, and there seems to be various uses such as when renovating a part.

It may be a lot inside, but I made a kitchen renovation. I have heard the voice saying. I made renovation work to the all electrification system now. I have heard the story saying.
Even at my house, I asked the kitchen for house cleaning, and it was the transition to kitchen all electrification.
There seems to be some people feeling quite convenient as they become all electrified, and it seems that there are many people thinking about thinking or asking in the future.

There seems to be some people saying that they are barrier-free though they are also in the house. There are no steps in the entrance and so on, and it is said that a gentle design which makes it easy to move etc. while living.

I have heard of bathroom renovation as well. When I heard it, I borrowed a bath at my friend ‘s house and decided to refurbish like that bath. There seems to be something to say.
I used it for a long time and I use it everyday so I really want to use it comfortably. Perhaps my feelings have grown larger.
If the opportunity seems to be various but it seems to be old or easy to use, it may be good to just consult with the trader.